Vacation homes in Garfagnana, including B & B, near Isola Santa Lake, in the Apuan Alps Park. Ancient Town of Borgo delle Panie retrieved and carefully restored, there are eight holiday houses that can meet the different needs of guests. The village of holiday homes has breathtaking views over the beautiful scenery of the Apuan chain. These houses carefully restored and decorated respecting the local tradition, stone, wooden beams and slate roofs strictly. The cabin, 2 or 4 beds, all have kitchen and bathroom with shower and you can rent for holidays or weekends in Garfagnana, or simply to stay after a dinner in the restaurant. We provide solutions Bed and Breakfast, "bed and breakfast" or "full board".

From Borgo delle Panie you can organize relaxing walks to Isola Santa Lake and the immediate surroundings or the most challenging trekking or mountain bike to Mount Sumbra or Careggine, winter sports resort. With easy day trips by car or motorbike, you can visit the many unique natural destinations that the Garfagnana offers, including the "La Grotta Del Vento"(Wind Cavern), "L'Antro di Corchia", (Cave of Corchia) which are the two most visited caves in Europe. You can visit villages and medieval towns like Castelnuovo di Garfagnana Castiglione Camporgiano and the beautiful town of Barga, one of the "100 Most Beautiful Villages of Italy". You can also visit the "Marmitte dei Giganti" (large hollows dug by torrential waters descending from Sumbra) lakes, also in high ground, sanctuaries of San Pellegrino, Argegna, hermitage of Calomini, the last especially attractive, incredibly carved into the rock overhang.

Garfagnana, the green valley of the river Serchio in northern Tuscany is the best land for holidays, in fact, in a small part of  land tourists will meet the varied needs, history, culture, traditions, folklore, gastronomy, health, relaxation as well as trout fishing, try the famous Garfagnana mushrooms, raspberries, wild berries and the most active sports or daring can more or less practice "extreme" sports such as skiing, snowboarding, rock, cave exploring, motorcycle enduro, trial, tourism equestrian, windself, river canoeing and rafting.

The appropriate places are in the mountains, the Apuan Alps and Tuscan-Emilian Apennines, few to no more than 30/40 Km. from Capanne di Careggine.

An opportunity for a "dip in the green" coming from the sea of Versilia and the possibility of strategic base in the Garfagnana, a holiday that includes among other things, daily trips to the art cities of Tuscany.

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